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Blossom Minds is a flower shop with the mission of offering employment to young adults with special needs and special educational needs (SENs), while providing clients with top quality and unique flower arrangements.


Blossom Minds belongs to a division of the Learning Support Services Association, a Hong Kong based non-government organization with charitable status that supports inclusive education. Blossom Minds focuses on supporting young adults with special needs and special educational needs (SENs) by offering a range of employment opportunities and skill sets that they need in order to work in the mainstream workforce.


Blossom Minds operates based on a commercial model and is devoted to nurturing and teaching young adults with differences to explore and develop their skills through flower arranging and day to day operations. With the appropriate training, knowledge, encouragement and building on individual strengths, our mission is to provide clients with beautiful flower arrangements fit for every occasion made by our young adults (SENs) employees. This provides an opportunity for these young adults to develop their sense of self value and achievement while creating amazing flower arrangements.


We offer a unique range of flower bouquet options- each custom made for different special occasions and celebrations, flower subscriptions, house plants, opening stands, flower boxes, dry flowers, as well as condolence stands. We also offer flower arrangements for corporate offices, restaurants, hotels and special events.


Our goal at Blossom Minds is to equip these young adults with the necessary competitive skills that they need to work alongside everyone else in the workforce. Our aim is to achieve this social objective through entrepreneurial strategies and self-sustaining operations to provide these young adults with adequate knowhow on flower arranging while encouraging them to develop their creativity, social skills and building their self-esteem.


Blossom Minds flower shop is located at 90 Hoi Bun Road, Kwun Tong and is open from Monday to Friday, from 11:30 am to 2:30 pm. We offer a gorgeous selection of fresh flowers that are sourced daily. These flowers are available to be purchased as individual bouquets or can be ordered to be used in floral arrangements of your choice.


We are a one stop shop that caters to our clients’ requests by using fresh flowers and unique arrangements along with our young adults’ dedicated efforts to create bouquets that speak!

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